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April 2008

Credit Limits/Customer records update.
From the start of April we will be requesting that one of these forms are completed before releasing any goods that will take an account over a balance of £250, so if you have not already returned yours please do so now to avoid delays to your order. If you normally pay by card at time of order we would still request you fill in the forms so we know our database of information is correct, but of course we will not delay any order.

Newsletters by e-mail.
We have collated many customers e-mail addresses during last 2 months and if you have provided us with one you should receive this communication via e-mail. You will find a link each month to the pricelist and hopefully most months there will be a link to new images as well. We also hope that some of you may be tempted to send responses to some of the subjects we mention, especially ones that allow us to improve the service we currently provide.

Error P298 Lace.
Can you please check your sample reads for composition: 52% Cotton 32%Rayon 18% Nylon. Many recent samples read 100% Polyester

P35 Peachskin. The only colours we still have are Bottle (10m) and Dark Bottle (11m).
P38 Purple/Gold is discontinued but we still have two pieces around 1m
P39 Following colours discontinued - Purple/Gold (26m in stock), Blue/Pink (14m in stock), Blue/Gold
P42 Duchess Satin. Peridot and Lupin are now in stock.
P48 Georgette. Pale Ivory is now in stock.
P51 Poly Satin Navy now discontinued.
P58 Champagne 3m only in stock more due in mid May. Also coming are 2 new colours; Silver (and to match P44) Teal.
P80 Silky Satin. Hot Pink we have only 2 pieces around a metre in stock. Delivery due early May.
P146 Crushed Organza. Wine we have only 6.3 in stock more should be available May.
P150 Organza. Lilac and Peppermint we have no stock. More expected in end mid April.
PT40. S.B.Shant. Rose Jaq. Lilac now sold out, we have 8/10m of Pink, Navy and Russet 3m. Others we still have 10/20m each.
P151 Shot Organza. Purple no stock. Delivery is in now mid April.
P710 Silk Dupion Lilac now discontinued.
P400 Silk Dupion. Antique Rose 6m, delivery May.
P401 Silk Chiffon/Georgette Lt Rose no stock more is due in mid May also coming is White a new colour.
P410 Emb Dupion. Pale Gold/Wine 1m only in stock, it is due in mid May.
P549 Emb Chiffon Ivory No stock more is due in mid April.
P554 Emb Dupion Gold discontinued. 1.5m only left in stock.
P606 3 tone Mikado Col A62 now in stock. A22 no stock. More is due in mid April.
P607 Poly/Silk Organza Taffeta. Col A62 Champagne/Gold now in stock.
P447 Emb. Tulle. Silver is now in stock. Gold is now in stock.
P480 Beaded Tulle Iv/Champ. Now in stock.
P483 Embroidered Tulle No stock and discontinued.
P779 Emb Chiffon. We are going to re-colour this design, the Grape will be made from P58, expected delivery May.
P861 Emb Tulle. Ivory/Silver now in stock.
P862 Embroidered Organza. Pink and Ivory/Gold both now in stock.
P923 Embroidered Tulle two smalls pieces in stock around 1-2m more due end of May.
P415/6/7/8 Laces Are all sold out and now discontinued.
P452 Corded Lace. Iv/Champagne no stock, next shipment with available stock is early May.
P273 Brocade. Lt Gold and Lilac no stock, Lt Gold will be due late April. Lilac will not be ordered for stock, but it would be possible to produce for orders over 6m

T12 White Now in stock.
T17 Black, an additional colour is due in end of April
T30 Pearl Band only 3 short lengths in stock, more is due mid April.
T35 Iv/Silver. No stock more is due by mid April
T94 White Now in stock.

T21 White. Now in stock. Black, an additional colour is also now in stock.
T25 Ivory and Ivory/Silver. Now in stock.
T26 Ivory no stock more is due end of April.
T28 Ivory 6pr only, Black, an additional colour are both due in end of April
T41 Black, Now in stock.
T42 Wine/Silver. No stock Ant Rose/Silver No stock. Both due in end of May
T43/T44 White A new colour (matches P483) now in stock.
T63 Iv/Silver. Now in stock
T65 Iv/Silver. No stock more is due in end of April
T70 Iv/Ch/Silver. No stock more due early April.

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