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2009 Summary

Customer of the year award.
To find out whom the deserving winner is visit the "News" page of our web site. This is an annual award which is given in recognition of the contribution a customer makes towards the ongoing success of our business. This is not just in the value of the orders that they give, but also in the input they give towards the selection of new articles which we introduce during the year.

Cornelly Embroidery.
We have decided to discontinue this service since it has had very limited sales in recent times.

If you are interested in these then please go our website where you can look at images of all of the veils that we run. We are also able to offer a service where a veil can be produced using virtually all of our edgings as a border. Prices on application.

Our Website
This has been completely rebuilt and was launched in January. Please find the time to go and have a look. We hope you'll be impressed. Barry is working to ensure that more and more images are appearing on the site.

Settlement Discount for early payment.
The discount for payment within 7 days will now be 5%. The 30 day terms of 2.5% remain the same.

Urgent Orders
Just a quick reminder that if your order is urgent or you are aware of problems with post in your area please let us know so that we can send the goods with our carriers

Forward orders.
We are happy to take forward order from our customers. This will help to ensure that we have your qualities you require at the time you need them, and helps us plan our purchasing better.

If you wish to access the pricelist from the internet please e-mail us at the address above and we will send you the link.

High Class Edgings and Motifs.
Due to the high cost of sampling we send photocopies only of the expensive edgings/motifs. If you have a customer seriously interested we can loan a sample of the items required. Alternatively you can buy as little as 10cm/1 pair.

PCCI Compliant.
You may be aware we store credit and debit card data, with your permission, and can confirm that an organisation representing the major credit and debit card companies have made checks on how securely we retain this data, and we are now "PCCI compliant".

Sample Catalogues.
It is possible to download a list of everything that would be in any current sample book being made now from our website, this can enable you to check for anything that you have missing from your books. If you spend more than £500 per year updates for the books can be requested free of charge.

Fabrics with Borders.
We are often asked if various fabrics have an edging on one or both borders. There are a few ways you can tell. Normally it will say on the pricelist and/or the top of the sample page if it is a single border. Also the introduction page to the sample books also listed all single borders at the time the book was supplied. An update of this page is available on our website.

New Product Lines.
We are now starting to run dress accessories, like crystal buckles, pearl buttons, etc. The range is available to view on our website, and as it is constantly growing it is worth looking regularly to see what is new.

Errors Please amend.
The correct composition for Lace P298 should read: 50% Cotton 32% Rayon 18% Nylon. The correct colour number for P600 Blue/Rose should read: A117 not A120. T170, T172 and T173 are not 100% polyester; they all have the same composition as the laces that they match. T191 is 50% Nylon 50% Rayon.

Product liability.
A recent occurrence prompts me to point out that all claims are only accepted before fabrics are cut or further processed, and that any liability is limited only to the cost of the purchase price of the fabric and not any consequential losses. In exceptional circumstances claims in excess of this will only be accepted after prior agreement with the management. It should also be pointed out that fabric samples supplied are not generally cut from a roll of current stock and therefore they are not certain to be exactly identical on colour. If this is a critical consideration then this must be stated when sample is ordered and for higher priced articles there may be a cost incurred to provide this service.

Invoices by e-mail.
We are now able to send invoices by email as PDF documents. If you would prefer to receive your invoices/statements this way please let us know.

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