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January 2008

All at Michael's Bridal fabrics wish a happy and prosperous New Year to all our customers.

Christmas/New Year Holiday.
We re-open on Monday 7th January. And I would like to thank you all for the business we have had in 2007 helping us to achieve another successful year of trading.

Special Christmas Offers.
EXTENDED until End Jan We would like to offer you a special seasonal reduction of 15% off list prices if you buy a total of 3 or more full rolls (in stock pieces). Or if you buy 5 or more pieces x10m we will waive the 10% cutting charge on any of the following: P42, P44 or P47 Duchess satins, P58 Chiffon, P150 Organza or P960 Lining, these are our biggest selling qualities, for shipment by the end of January.

Clearance lines.
Many of the ends of lines mentioned last month are still available, offered at discounts between 25-50%.

50% Increase in prompt payment discounts.
As from beginning of January, we are offering a 6% discount for payment in 7 days (currently 4%) This should be an even bigger incentive for any of you to consider making us a priority payment supplier. This is a gamble to see if it encourages more customers to pay promptly, as I think this is possibly the biggest trading discount being offered by any supplier in the bridal industry. It has to be worth paying us with a card and "borrowing the money from a card provider" as we are giving you 6% towards any interest you may incur on that card.

Carriage Charges.
Our UK carrier has increased our prices for the first time in 3-4 years, so we will be passing on some of charge which can be seen in our new pricelist. The maximum charge will now be £8 (£7.75). We will still continue to pay part of the cost as your order goes up in value.

2008 Price List.
We have completed our annual review of prices and the new prices will come into effect from when we re-open in January. As mentioned last month we have negotiated more competitive prices for most of our French Laces, so many are reduced. As we took the major decision very late to increase the early payment discount some prices have increased to offset that, but generally if you pay quickly you will pay less for most items in 2008 than 2007.

Credit Limits.
As mentioned last month we plan to implement a tighter control of credit limits this year. We will be requesting that everyone who deals with us provides a full update/confirmation of their business details including status (Ltd Co/Partnership/Sole Trader) plus partners names etc. As from the 1st of February credit limits will be defaulted to be set at a maximum of £250 for any customers we do not hold this updated data for. Customers requesting a higher limit than we offer may be asked to provide references of other companies where they have a sound credit history for larger sums of money.

P42 Duchess Satin. Lt Gold will be available January, but Lupin we still have no stock or confirmed delivery date.
P55 French Crepe. Lt Rose now sold out.
P151 Shot Organza. Purple no stock. Expected delivery is in now January.
P70 Cotton Velvet All colours are now in stock.
P600 3 tone Taffeta. All colours are in stock, except new colours Raspberry/ivory and Pink/Mint, they are due in January.
P604 3 tone Taffeta. All colours are now in stock.
P607 Poly/Silk Organza Taffeta. Col A62 Champagne/Gold 1.7m only in stock, more is due end January.
P784 Silk/Poly Met Organza. Col A71 now in stock.
P447 Emb. Tulle. Silver we only have just over 1m in stock. More will be due early January.
P475/P476 these 2 Emb. Duchess Satins are now available in Chocolate, mid Coco, Misty Green and Pale Pink
P483 Emb/Beaded Tulle. Iv/Champ. Is now in stock.
P493 Emb/beaded Tulle is sold out until early March.
P509 Emb/Beaded tulle. Iv/Silver no stock; Expected delivery mid Jan.
P772 Embroidered silk Organza. We only have 60cm of Iv/Wine. More is expected in January.
P779 Emb Chiffon. Grape no stock, more is due in January.
P789 Emb Organza Iv/Gold. No stock; more is due in December.
P860 Embroidered tulle. White is now in stock.
P861 Embroidered tulle. Ivory is now in stock.
P862 Embroidered Organza Ivory/Gold. Is now in stock.
P452 Corded Lace. Iv/Champagne 1.3m only in stock, more is due mid January.
P457 Corded Lace Iv/Champ is now in stock.
P463 Corded Lace. Black is now stock.
P276 Brocade Ivory and P279 Silver Grey, are now in stock.

T40 White 27m only in stock. More is due in mid March.

T26 Black No stock. It is due in again mid March.
T46 Iv/Champ. Is now in stock
T43/T44 White A new colour (matches P483) is due in mid March
T47 White Now in stock.
T51 Wht/Wht No stock, due in mid March
T76 Ivory no stock, more is due in mid January.

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