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February 2009

Thought of the month.
A supplier's important and valuable customers are the ones who see their supplier also as important and valuable to them.

Harrogate March 9th/10th
As many of you are aware we (along with all other fabric companies) are not currently allowed to be part of the above bridal fair. If you are interested in seeing any of the newest articles with a view to ordering for your new collections while you are at the show, Michael will be in Harrogate and if you would like to arrange to meet him in his nearby hotel then please either e-mail or phone us to arrange a convenient time.

Textile Forum March 18th/19th at the Music Rooms London.
We will be exhibiting there. Invitations with full details are available on request. If you are a previous visitor you should receive an automatic invite from the show organizers.

Visit our New Website in February and you could be in with a chance of winning £10.
I would like to thank all of you that have given us you comments to post onto our testimonial page. The winner for January was Emily Designs in Gloucestershire, and she will be receiving £20 off of her next order. We have always believed we were giving a good all round service, but it is still nice to have many of you confirm this. We have decided to continue our January promotion, therefore if you visit the testimonial page during February, and forward any favourable comments about our service that you would like to share with other existing and potential customers via our testimonial page, you will be entered in a draw and the winner will receive £10 off their next order. Please make sure you have sent your comments by the end of February though. All customers who have already posted their comments will also be included in the February draw (except the January winner - sorry Emily!). We have also got quite a few special promotional offers that are available again this month, these are available by clicking here and quoting the code word to be found on the new website.

Forward orders.
We have written about this before, but this year it is even more important in helping us to have the right article here when you need it. This especially applies to embroidered/beaded articles where delivery to us can still be between 6/10 weeks. Therefore if you have orders that you are fairly sure you will need in a few months time, if you could keep us informed it would help us to assess the point at which we need to re-order. The most popular items we will still order as before, but slower selling articles will not be replaced until reaching a lower level.

Most customers should have a new January 2009 pricelist by now, if not it will be sent out with orders. . Please note that this function is only available to existing customers. As we mentioned last month there are going to have to be more increases throughout the year, as more things need replacing at ever poorer rates than existing stock. In the last week the pound has traded up to 3% below my lowest rate calculation in dollars and around 7% lower against the euro. Until now we have not needed to buy any currency at this rate, but if it stays there then prices will need to increase further. The good news is that we are not changing any prices this month.

P30 Charmeuse Silver sold out. We now just have Ivory 1.9m and Lilac 15m.
PT30 Rose Jacquard Sky is now sold out
P41 M/W Duchess Satin Cerise, Coffee and Wine no stock. Anticipated delivery is February. Plum and Cerise also out of stock, not available from supplier at present.
P42 Duchess Satin Pale Ivory is out of stock. More due in End Feb/Beg March. We also have a new colour in stock 'Winter White'.
P967 S.B. Shantung Shell Pink is now in.
P402 Silk Dupion Silver/Black no stock. Not yet re-ordered, but anticipate delivery around April.
P599 Taffeta Ivory A2 and Gold A32 are now in stock.
P604 3 Tone Taffeta Wine/Black N5, is now in stock.
P784 Silk/Metallic Poly Organza Ivory is now in stock.
P476 Emb Duchess Satin Iv/Dk Wine, Ivory and Iv/Blk no stock. Due in Feb.
P488 Emb Tulle Ivory/Silver is now in stock.
P503 Emb Beaded Tulle Iv/Champ/Gold is now in stock.
P508 Emb Beaded Tulle White/Silver is now in stock. Ivory/Silver no stock, it is due again end March.
P549 Emb Chiffon Iv/Wine/Blue 1.8m only in stock not being repeated.
P554 Emb Dupion Gold 1.6m only left in stock, it is not being repeated.
P934 Emb Beaded Tulle Ivory/Gold, none in stock, more is due in early February.
P413 Chantilly Lace is being discontinued. We still have stock of Ivory/Silver 1.2m and Pink/Silver 3m.
P423 Corded Lace Dark Wine .8m only in stock. More is due in February.
P426 Corded Lace Ivory is now in stock.
P449 Corded Lace Ivory no stock, more due end March.
P452 Corded Lace Iv/Champ now in stock.
P464 Beaded Lace Ivory, is now in stock.
P540 Corded Lace White we have no stock, more is due in late February.
P345 Brocade Black 2.6m and Burgundy 1.5m only in stock. This is not being repeated.

T12 White Is now in stock. Ivory no stock more is due in February.
T94 Ivory 13.3 only in stock. More is due in March.
T97 Ant Rose/Silver and Ivory/Champagne. No stock, more is due in February.
T133 Iv/Champ 13.8m in stock, more due in end of March
T160 Crystal Is now in stock.
T171 Ivory/ T172 Ivory are now in stock.

T27 Ivory Now in stock.
T42 Wine/Silver No stock. More are due in end of February.
T107 Iv/Champ/Gold Now in stock
T113 Ivory now in stock.
T114 Ivory/Gold 12pr only in stock, more is due mid Feb.
T154 Iv/Silver/Crystal is now in stock.
T157 Silver/Crystal is now in stock.

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