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November 2008

Current Financial Situation.
I know everyone will be aware of the current financial uncertainties in the world, but here is a short summary how it affects us as a business: the main difficulty we currently face is the continuous fall of the pound against world currencies like the Dollar and Euro. This means that everything we buy from countries like USA, Japan, China and Taiwan we pay for in Dollars and all European countries we deal with we pay in Euros. This means currently that we are facing increases of over 20% on things we pay for in Dollars, compared to rates as recently as 3 months ago. We have always had a constantly increasing stock, but the current situation means that we have for the first time got to take steps to reverse the recent stock increases, because the currency variations have caused significantly reduced margins. This means the steps we need to take are to reduce the amount of new lines we buy where we have not already sold part of our commitment to a customer. Therefore this means there will not be as many new lines appearing in the coming months as in recent times, but there will still be some new qualities especially in the areas of edgings/ motifs with crystals. The second thing we also have to do with immediate effect is to increase the price of a limited number of lines where there have been recent deliveries. There will be a universal assessment of all prices as usual to take effect from January. Anyone buying the lines affected now at special prices for bigger quantities will also receive amended prices.

Dress Nets and Tulles.
The latest situation with these qualities is that we are in the final stages of negotiations to become the sole distributor for a European manufacturer. In the mean time there will be a period of change over. There will be a more limited choice of colours on the new dress nets of around 20 colours, so we may still offer some of the UK production, but everything should be clearer and finalised in the next month.

Agent Wanted.
One of our major customers still producing Bridesmaids dresses solely in the UK is looking for an agent to cover the South of England. If anyone knows of someone who may be interested, please contact us and we will forward on the details.

Wedding/Bridesmaids Dress manufacturer.
Do you have too much work? Are you looking for an established UK company that can help to produce your garments? If the answer is yes to these questions please contact us and we can give you a contact name based in North London.

New Website.
We are in the process of building a new website. Many of the pages will be bi-lingual (English/French). It is expected to be ready early December, we will give you an update next month.

There were a number of price increases with effect from 1/11/08.
Where new stock is mixed with old stock or where we have recently renewed stock in some colours only, it may be necessary to increase the prices again at the end of the year as the existing stock is replaced. None of the price increase have been increased by as large a percentage as the currency change. Please click here.

Christmas Holidays.
We will close on Friday 19th December and reopen Monday 5th January.


P41 M/W Duchess Satin Cerise, Coffee and Wine no stock, Plum 17m found. Anticipated delivery is December.
P48 Georgette Pale Ivory and Ivory are now stock. White is due in early November.
P50 Acetate Satin Navy (14m) and Dusty Rose (9m), other discontinued colours same as last month. It would still be possible for us to order full rolls.
P51 Poly Satin Pale Green is now sold out. We can still get full pieces to order.
P52 Moire Taffeta Lilac 23m, P. Green 3.2m, Peach 4.9m are the only clearance colours left. Certain basic colours could still be supplied in full rolls only.
P718 Crystal Organza This quality has been dropped by our current supplier. But we have bought some stock in basic colours and we would be able to buy some colours elsewhere, but recent sales have been very slow so it may be discontinued in time. There is no more Antique Gold.
P967 S.B. Shantung Shell Pink we have just 3 pieces between 1-3m. Supplier is unsure when more will be available.
PT32 Cationic Stripe All colours now sold out.
PT40 S.B. Shantung Jacquard Antique Gold now sold out. All colours are now discontinued
P401 Silk Chiffon Lilac is now sold out. We will be replacing it with White which is due in December
P402 Silk Dupion Wine .8m, Pale Gold 3m, 2+m, 1.8m only in stock, Due in again around Mid December
P599 Taffeta Ivory A2 is now in stock.
P600 3 Tone Taffeta A2 Ivory is now in stock. More is due mid October.
P604 3 Tone Taffeta Coral/Black N43 is now in stock.
P610 Silk/Poly Taffeta Ivory now in stock. Pale Ivory no stock more due in November.
P611 Lilium Ivory A2 no stock, more is due in early December.
P674 Acetate Duchess Pale Ivory sold out. Sky Blue we still have 12m and Ivory 2.2m. Not being repaeated.
P766 Mikado Ivory 2.1m stock more due mid November.
P787 Stretch Organza Ivory 3m only left. When it is sold it will be discontinued.
P493 Emb Beaded Tulle Iv/Gold. now in stock.
P503 Emb Beaded Tulle Ivory/Silver is now in stock.
P508 Emb Beaded Tulle White/Silver no stock. More is due mid November.
P520 Emb Beaded Tulle Iv/multi no stock more due in mid November.
P691 Emb Beaded Tulle Plum there is an error on the price list this should be £43 not £30 p/m.
P415/6/7 Lace Please ensure you delete these old qualities. We have recently sent a new sample re-using the P415 number and a ‘new' P416 will follow shortly.
P432 Beaded Lace We only have .5m and .2m piece in stock. More is due in mid November.
P449 Corded Lace Ivory no stock more due end November.
P453 Ribbon Lace Ivory/Silver 1.5m only left in stock, not being repeated.
P452 Corded Lace Iv/Champ 2.5m only in stock, more due mid December
P457 Corded Lace Iv/Champagne. 1.9m only in stock, more is due in mid November.
P463 Corded Lace Ivory no stock more is due in mid November.
P465 Beaded Lace Black now in stock.
P327 Brocade Coffee sold out and now discontinued.
P676 Silk Brocade Wine 6.5m and Grey 1.2m only in stock. Not repeatable.
P677 Silk Brocade We have less than 1m available in each colour.

T12 White 8.3m only in stock. More is due in December.
T51 Lt Wine 3m only in stock, more is due in mid November.
T53 Ivory No stock more is due in early November.
T80 Iv/Coffee No stock more is due mid November.
T81 Ivory No stock, more is due in mid November.
T140/T141 Wine/Gold no stock, more is due in mid November.
T160 Crystal No stock, more is due in mid December.
T163 Crystal Now in stock.
T170 Iv/Crystal Now in stock.

T27 Ivory 24pr in stock only. More are due early November.
T63 Iv/Silver Is now in stock.
T66 Ivory Is now in stock.
T74 Iv/Silver Is now stock, more is due mid November.
T154 Iv/Silver/Crystal No stock more due in early December
T157 Silver/Crystal No stock, more is due in Mid December.

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