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Introduction Page for Accessory Book

*** This is an introduction page for existing accessory book owners ***

Welcome to the Dress Accessories catalogue which is the newest book in our ever increasing range. This is the 7th book in our range, following as it does the Basic, Silks/Plains, Laces, Embroideries, European Embroideries and Edgings/Motifs

This catalogue shows all the current designs we are able to offer. Currently the delivery situation is as follows: The delivery time for any articles not in stock for numbers starting with a 4 is 2/4 weeks and most other articles it is 4/6 weeks. This is to allow us time to collate various orders together, as it is not practical to import very small amounts. Articles beginning with a 4 are produced in the Far East and most other items are of European manufacture (but not all).

The price shown for all articles is for 1 piece.

In many cases it is possible to get variations made on articles shown, including different coloured stones/crystals. Smaller/ larger variations, also some pieces may be able to be made with a different attachment on the back. The current pricelist does not show what the attachment currently being offered is, but on the new pricelist for July 2010 we hope to be including this information for all the articles.

Please note that when a small number of these articles are ordered with fabrics that are being sent on a cardboard tube, often these pieces will be found inside the tube as this is the safest way to ensure they arrive without damage

There is no minimum order on items in this brochure, except if special colours are requested on items featuring crystals, then minimums may apply.

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